Vijay Yadav Stand Up Comedy

Vijay Yadav was born in a middle-class family with limited career options and decided to pursue engineering. After completing graduation, he went to study Design Engineering at an institute that he joined as a teacher thereafter. In order to explore the corporate world, he joined a German Designing firm. He was dissatisfied and disillusioned, returned to teaching, and owned a CADD centre. This was not rewarding enough and Yadav moved on after two years. 

He came into the world of stand up comedy in the pursuit of becoming a writer. He started writing and discovered his true love in humour. He tried to clear an exam for six months internship for screenwriters, which could not happen and joined the Coalition that dealt with different categories of art and he chose comedy where he met with like-minded people. 

 Yadav says that his multiple career changes were not wasted as his teaching experience taught him to stand before students and face them and helped him in comedic skills. He says it is very important to understand that you need to listen to your voice from within and be convinced in what you want to do and learn it accordingly. 

It so happens even if one is well prepared for the show it might not be successful. He says once he was performing at a two-tier city in a corporate event and the crowd was mostly children. He had to improvise the material as the content was not appropriate for the audience. 

Vijay Yadav stand up comedy is based on observational humour that is his inspiration. He loves travelling as it helps him in meeting with new people, discovering new places and he takes his ideas from there. Stage timing is very important for an individual. However, he also says that one can learn many things by sitting in the audience and learning from it. Watch our exclusive collection of Vijay Yadav stand up comedy videos.

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