Gaurav Kapoor Stand Up Comedy

Gaurav Kapoor has a degree in journalism and a corporate day job where he is busy collecting material for the show. He mainly discusses the things he has observed in school, college, office and daily life. He has won every open mic he took part in and he has opened for Russel Brand in his tour to India. 

Gaurav Kapoor Stand Up Comedy is outstanding and his name is like a Bollywood royalty. The only thing is he does not look like one. He is a grown-up man trapped inside a child’s body. He has a key to many new jokes and ideas and his craft starts from human anatomy. He can think and talk about the stuff that a normal mind cannot make fun of. His friends have often said that his off-stage stories are much funnier.

Gaurav is funny because his jokes can be related to anyone. He has references to hathi chiti stories and all the school stories that will connect you to him. He came to Mumbai a few years ago and joked about the subject. He is originally a native of Delhi. 

Gaurav Kapoor is one of those comedians who brings out the right kind of humour. His stand-ups happen all over the country and you need to visit his shows when you have time. Watch our exclusive collection of Gaurav Kapoor stand up comedy videos.

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