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Kanan Gill is a stand-up comedian, YouTuber and actor in India. He is well known for Pretentious Movie Reviews, a YouTube series where he had reviewed flawed movies of Bollywood released in olden times with Biswa Kalyan Rath, a fellow stand up comedian. He emerged as the winner of Punch Line Bangalore Competition and Comedy Store at Mumbai. 

He made his Bollywood debut through Noor along with Sonakshi Sinha. He was a judge on the comedy reality show Comicstaan in 2018. He ran his own one hour comedy show Keep it Real. He had been the co-host of YouTube FanFest India and a major personality behind YouTube Comedy Hunt. 

Gill was a part of the band where he became a lead singer when he had started writing funny songs. He had been in Exeter Group Inc. where he was a software engineer for around three years. When he started winning comedy shows in Bangalore and Mumbai he left his job to make a career in comedy. He worked in the Living Room on Comedy Central, an improvised comedy sketch show. 

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