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Rabish Ki Report is not a headline but a parody of Ravish Kumar. It is one of the best web series based on political satire. The lead actor and co-writer of the Rabish Ki Report series Shivankit Singh Parihar is in the role of Ravish Kumar copying his style and accent. The actor perfectly copies Ravish’s reporting style, laughter and hair-do and Hindi. 

Ravish’s reporting style and his approach to appeal to the masses have attracted many people. It can be his interview with CM Arvind Kejriwal or blackout episode after JNU incident. The way in which he presents his points and his sarcasm always hits the audience to the core. Rabish Ki Report web series has been made because Ravish Kumar has a distinctive sense of humour which is not present in any other reporter and people love to watch him. 

Rabish Ki Report is a spoof with episodes like Rabish Chala Disco and Laundo ki House Party. However, there is a message at the end of every episode which is why the current problems of youngsters have been highlighted in the episode. The house party episode gives out a very strong message to all.

The bachelor’s party shows youth having troubles like heartbreaks to cash crunch. The message here is a house party can solve all the problems so political leaders should also sort out their issues by organizing a house party. The content on the digital platform gives a lot of freedom to the writers as it is uncensored but still, we find no curse words have been used in episodes like UPSC ki Tayari and Board Exams ki Tayari because it is meant for family viewing. 

The social message in the Screen Patti Rabish ki Report is strong but not direct. The last episode clearly shows this aim. The show criticises those parents who pressurise their kids for better opportunities, good marks and social acceptance. This is where Barkha Ji and Goswami Ji ka beta comparison fits naturally. Barkha and Goswami parts are present in almost every episode.

The real Ravish Kumar is also aware of the series though he does not approve of the abusive tone. TSP also wants him to feature in one of the episodes but have not done so as of now. There are many comedy sketches we have seen in the past which have been criticized but this is because the people who do it are not smart enough to do it indirectly which does not hurt the sentiments of political figures. 

Rabish ki Report has gained a lot of popularity in a short period. There is a lot of Humour with desi tadka present on the Internet and companies like TVF take care of the fact that you watch a political satire with a humorous mixture of social problems. Rabish ki Report is a treat for all those who love parodies and fresh content on screen. 

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